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Welcome to the Ecoplast site and thank you for your interest in us. Since 1991, we have been producing everyday items designed with a special focus on quality, functionality, durability over time and design. We make them with Second Life Plastic because we have always promoted respect for the environment. We continually invest in eco-sustainable technological innovation, working on the development of increasingly efficient plastic materials in terms of flexibility and strength.We keep prices competitive on the market. Our clients are largely wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies and large-scale distribution networks (LDOs).We ship every day throughout Italy and in more than seven countries around the world. We deliver the goods quickly and without any delay thanks to a very structured logistics system, guaranteeing the return of any defective goods. Contact us now for more information on our products and orders.
Ecoplast: recycled plastic products
fabbrica plastica


The Plastic Second Life certification underlines Ecoplast’s eco-friendly modus operandi. Our products are made with recycled plastic through an energy-saving production process.

We minimize the use of virgin plastic while continuing to maintain products of value, flexibility and indestructible. We dream of a society that is increasingly attentive and aware of the future of our planet.

It is nature itself that guides our image, you will realize it by observing the design and colors chosen for our collections.

Made In Italy

By using Ecoplast products, in everyday life, you will have the feeling of owning an efficient object that will not break overnight.

Functionality is associated with pleasing design and soft, natural colors.

It is the result of a completely Italian production, from design – entrusted to the designer Marco Maggioni – to processing and packaging.

Ecoplast: recycled plastic products

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100% Made in Italy

Improve our country by providing high quality consumer design items in the store, designed and built in Italy.

Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable

Respect the environment by choosing our products made with Second Life Plastic. Every year, we prevent 17 million plastic bottles from entering landfill.

Quick delivery

Receive the goods within one week or less, if you are in Italy, and also quickly abroad.



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