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This page speaks for itself through the opinions of some of the many customers who have trusted us.

Wholesalers, traders, drug stores but also private individuals who spontaneously left a precious comment as recognition of our work, totally oriented towards customer satisfaction.

We thank them for this.

Bricoman, a success story

A few years ago, the Bricoman company made a specific request to us regarding the organization and delivery of the requested goods. He is a very structured client and has a vast range of departments managed with different logics.

We responded promptly by adapting our article coding procedures, packaging customization, labeling changes, type of delivery.

We have completely adapted to the customer’s requests and our work has been greatly appreciated, as well as the quality and functionality of the products received.

For its stores, Bricoman has selected our Ecologic waste bins and, to date, we are the only company present in their department as regards containers for separate waste collection.

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