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Plastic, sure, but it's infinitely recyclable.

The path that we have decided to take in recent years is towards eliminating waste and reducing the impact that our products can have on the environment. This is an ambitious approach, of course, but it is necessary and we do not want to abandon it. We love our planet and we want to take the burden off it.
The recycled plastic with which we make Ecoplast products comes from cleaned bottles, reduced into small pieces, transformed into pellets and finally fused to become high quality plastic material.

This choice allows us to prevent about 17 million plastic bottles from being thrown into landfills and waterways every year.

These are strategic measures to substantially reduce carbon emissions and releases of non-biodegradable substances to the planet.

plastica seconda vita
tre pattumiere per la differenziata Ecoplast

Ecoplast plastic is at least 70% recycled but is first and foremost certified by the Italian and European brand “Plastic Second Life”. Each product is created by giving value to plastic waste from separate collection. From their regeneration is born a high quality material, particularly flexible but without risk of breakage, long lasting and recyclable.

Photovoltaics and electrical vehicles

Thanks to the use of highly efficient photovoltaic panels, we produce clean energy with which we cover most of the energy needs of our company, without damaging the environment.
We also use fully electrically controlled machinery and vehicles, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. At the same time, wherever possible, we benefit from human resources and local suppliers to reduce the carbon dioxide production associated with the transport of materials.
The reduced impact complies with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (MEC) required by public administrations.

lavorazione plastica riciclata
lavorazione plastica riciclata

Process and technological innovation

We continuously invest in new technologies and higherperformance materials, as well as in the design of new efficient production processes. We believe in teamwork, which is essential for professional service and the development of quality creative ideas. We are confident that the research of new plastic materials will push us more and more towards the creation of advanced, functional and impactfree productsWith this goal, we involve the new generations through universities, organizing contests and visits to our company.

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