Dustbin line

The dustbins Ecoplast are born with the aim of differentiating using eco-friendly products, created with over 70% and up to 99% recycled plastic.

Designed and built strictly in Italy, they are flexible and very difficult to break because of the high quality of certified plastic materials (technical and functional characteristics in line with current legislation).

They are made, in fact, with polypropylene non-poisonous copolymer: this ensures its durability over time.

Other benefits include: easy maintenance, dimensional stability, hygiene and excellent washability.

We are certain that there are no dustbins on the market as resistant as those produced in Ecoplast factories, at 100% made in Italy.


Ecologic dustbin

Ecoplus dustbin

Pura dustbin

Wheelie bin

Bin 70/100 lt

Bin with lid and paper bin