Work and relax with good products

Discover the range of Ecoplast products and accessories designed for the garden and business.

You will find a large selection of articles in recyclable plastic, resistant and durable over time, useful for working days and relaxing outside.

Watering cans, umbrella bases, Crushproof multi-purpose baskets, cans of different sizes, wide-mouth drums for oil, tubs with handles for olive harvesting, refrigerated trays and the timeless mason’s bucket: these are just some of the products available to you.
Created with Plastic Second Life, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, they are ideal for those involved in gardening or doing manual DIY jobs, as well as for professionals in different sectors: construction, agriculture and more.

Agricultural basket

Durable, large and crushproof. Convenient to carry by hand or hanging on the arm, thanks to the rounded handle. Durable and ideal to hold everything, from seasonal fruit to working tools for alternative use and adapted to your needs.