The Tulipano design cutlery drainer offers excellent capacity in the smallest space. Useful and practical to use. Functionality guaranteed thanks to the several compartments to place cutlery of different heights. The holes in the base allow the water to flow out and collect in the specific space. It is easy to empty and clean. A timeless classic, yet brightly coloured inspired by nature.

Cm 16,2 x 12,5 x 20 h

White pearl+Green/White pearl+Red/White pearl+Taupe/White pearl+Tangerine
21+54/21+55/21+32/21+ 56

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ProdottoCod.articoloDim. mmpcs per boxbox per palletpcs per palletCod.EANColor 1 per box
CUTLERY DRAINER SPT162 x 125 x 200 h108 x 6 (252 h)480803253252973721+32
CUTLERY DRAINER SPT163 x 125 x 200 h108 x 6 (252 h)480803253252838921+54
CUTLERY DRAINER SPT164 x 125 x 200 h108 x 6 (252 h)480803253252839621+55
CUTLERY DRAINER SPT162 x 125 x 200 h108 x 6 (252 h)480803253252840221+56