Bucket useful, convenient to use and eco-friendly, as it is made with recycled plastic and certified Second Life Plastic. The Ecoclean round bucket with wringer is crushproof and durable. Equipped with a sturdy and inflexible handle, which facilitates its grip. Thanks to the wringer, it avoids splashes and optimizes the use of water to wash surfaces. Thanks to the spout, it also allows to orient the flow of liquids during the emptying phases.

Cm ø 29,5 x 26 h


13 lt

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ProdottoCod.articoloDim. mmpcs per boxbox per palletpcs per palletCod.EANColor 1 per boxColor 2 per boxColor 3 per box
ROUND BUCKET WITH WRINGER "ECOCLEAN" ECOSM13ø 295 x 260 h1211 x 5 (190 h)660803253252860058652