We tbring the product to your warehouse.

We have organized our logistics system with one goal: to simplify the order process and deliver the goods quickly, without any delay.

We deliver Ecoplast products every day to wholesalers, hypermarkets, drug stores and distributors throughout Italy and in over seven countries worldwide including the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Portugal and Malta.

Delivery time


5 -7 giorni lavorativi (Sardegna dai 10 ai 15 giorni)


To be checked according to the destination

plastica riciclata
plastica riciclata


Returns are provided for defective items.

The high quality and flexibility of the eco-sustainable material of Ecoplast products makes it very difficult to break a stock. If this happens, we will replace the goods immediately.

There is no distance that is impossible to achieve

We are able to guarantee you an organized and efficient shipping and delivery system because we rely on a network of serious collaborators, with whom we have been working for decades.

plastica riciclata

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